Fascination full ceramics

New teeth from pure ceramics are especially biocompatible and on top of that almost indistinguishable from natural teeth in their look.Dark edges often observed in connection with ordinary crowns will not occur with full ceramics. This material blends harmoniously in the remaining dental picture.

Inlays, crowns or bridges made by a Precision Dental CNC Milling Machine are of highest precision and particularly durable.

The Precision Dental CNC Milling Machine is in Dr. Bader’s dental office. This way you will be able to track the development of your new teeth step by step.

Dr. Bader is a trained expert for the manufacture of ceramic teeth. The ceramics used in our surgery exclusively come from internationally renowned companies, such as VITA ( ) and IvoclarVivadent ( ).


Manufacturing full ceramic teeth

Your perfect new teeth from full ceramics are constructed at the computer and abraded by precision grinding machines out of massive ceramic blocks.
After a substance-gentle preparation of the tooth, the imprint is made by means of an optic scan through a small mouth camera. In most cases, the manufacture of new ceramic teeth happens within one treatment session without the bothersome imprint with tough masses and without impression trays.
This way you avoid another appointment for treatment – and your teeth will avoid the stress of another treatment too.



Full ceramics can be manufactured for all areas of application Crowns and inlays for the basic care;
for complementing missing teeth;
Veneers and lumineers for embellishing your front teeth