You have high demands, individual wishes and ideas when it comes to new teeth. Making it a reality is my aim during the design of your new smile.

Dr. Bader’s – aesthetic concept makes a predictably wonderful result by the help of controlled and coordinated working steps possible.

And due to our high quality standard, we are also able to guarantee your needs in the area of aesthetic dental medicine.

New teeth of pure ceramics are particularly biocompatible and virtually impossible to be distinguished from natural teeth due to their special brilliance.

Zahnästhetik - Feinabsitmmung der Farbe




The fine coordination
of the colour is carried out by hand painting
in our in-house laboratory.



The coordinated interplay of colour, form and individual design have an influence on the overall appearance of your new smile.

The true art lies in the anticipatory view for the optimal end result.

This special concept goes hand in hand with the usage of best materials and reliable treatment methods.


The four steps of DR. BADER’S aesthetic concept:


  1. We discuss our patient’s wishes
  2. We simulate new teeth on a model and/or in the patient’s mouth
  3. We try on the new teeth in the mouth and carry out possible corrections
  4. We finish the new teeth