Solutions for individual teeth, missing rows of teeth and toothless jawbones as well as bone augmentation with endogenous or artificial bone substitues

In Dr. Richard Bader’s surgery with focus on implantology, a proven concept for replacing your missing teeth has been waiting for you for many years. We exclusively use well-tried methods for replacing your missing teeth.

Dr. Bader is dentist and certified implantologist and has been working in the field of implantology since 1988. With that being said he has extensive experiences in this special area of dental medicine.

Dental crowns and bridges made of full ceramics as well as dental aesthetics for implants are additional focus areas of our dental office complementing the area of implantology in an optimum manner. We make our dental technology in our in-house laboratory.

Everything from a single source: Dental office Dr. Richard Bader offers you all treatments concerning your new teeth!

Our dental office has its own surgery area for the implementation of implants. Even difficult conditions requiring a bone augmentation are carried out as a matter of routine.


Zero compromises with firm teeth

Dr. Richard Bader’s treatment concept allows for a sustainable restoration of your teeth and masticatory function. To guarantee permanent success, it is necessary to realize a relatively high number of implants.

This concept is gentle, offers you a maximum of comfort and gives your teeth a natural look.

Rooting firm teeth on 6-8 implants per jawbone has been a proven method for centuries now. With that being said you can be sure your new teeth will work permanently.

Screwed teeth or dentures made of plastics are merely compromise solutions in special cases of treatment. In Dr. Richard Bader’s dental office, we exclusively make firmly cemented teeth of full ceramics.


A special service and a tailored concept make it possible:

Firm teeth on dental implants in just one day

For patients who do not want to undergo surgery and would like to enjoy the advantages of a direct provision of implants with firm teeth

In principal, Dr. Bader’s dental practice prefers classic methods with a respective healing time for the implants.

However, under certain preconditions it is possible to put the implants and provide them with fixed teeth on the same day. In doing so, it is first of all only about provisional teeth made of high-quality plastics which will be replaced by the final crowns and bridges made of ceramics a couple of months later.

Good bone tissue and a high degree of discipline for the patient during the several months of healing time for implants is a precondition for this procedure.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for the possibilities of an immediate provision in your special case!

Our concept allows for the insertion of 8 -10 implants per jawbone. After the healing time, you will get fixed teeth made of full ceramics. A removable prosthesis from plastics is thus no longer necessary.


Especially important for guaranteeing permanent success

Custom bone augmentation

Reliable possibilities for individual teeth, rows of teeth and toothless jawbones

For a permanent stability of implants, a bone augmentation is oftentimes a good idea!

We distinguish the augmentation with endogenous bones and the usage of artificial bone substitutes.

Another difference is the temporal systematic: In most cases, bone augmentation and implantation is possible at the same time.

In other cases, the new bone must first of al heal completely before implants can be placed.