Besides our special areas implantology, full ceramics and dental aesthetics, we ensure our patients the care of their teeth with all additional and accompanying treatments offered by general practitioners.

Here our most important services:

Ceramic fillings

Side teeth dental fillings are manufactured with high-quality plastics – ceramics materials.
The quality of fillings offered in our surgery approximately comes close to that of a ceramic inlay. Through this high standard
there is the possibility that these fillings remain dense and functional over many years.

Dental front inlays

Inlays at front teeth often look unattractive. By the help of a very elaborate procedure, it is possible
to manufacture inlays in beautiful colours which are almost impossible to discern.

Bleaching of your teeth

In our surgery we work with the so-called Walking-Bleach-Technique.
This is a gentle method to bleach you teeth in a controlled and sustainable way.
For this purpose, you will get splints adapted particularly to your teeth, in which gel is filled in.
You may use those splints even years later for a re-correction of the bleaching.
This saves you unnecessary costs on the long run.

Tooth cleaning

Our prophylaxis department works with polishing and cleaning instruments, which are extremely gentle to your teeth. An optimal hygiene is guaranteed through the usage of disposables. The airflow used is the latest generation in air-abrasion with effective, yet tooth preserving operation.

Root treatment

A sensible root treatment makes a thorough and multiple disinfecting rinse of root channels necessary. The infected tissue within the duct walls is carried out by special titanium files. These are operated by machines. This method is very time-consuming in its operational implementation and has a very high input on top of that.