Dr. Richard Bader

Dr. Richard Bader is a trained specialist for periodontology and certified implantologist as well as expert in the area of computer-aided manufacture of full ceramic dentures. Combining traditionally proven treatment methods with the possibilities of modern dental medicine is part of his innovative surgery concept.
His special interest is in augmenting lost bone substance.
Here Dr. Bader has improved existing surgery techniques and refined them to become his own surgery procedures.




 Sabine Horstmann


sabinehorstmannSabine Horstmann is the good soul of the surgery.
She advises you in all questions relating to your treatment.
In addition, she looks after all necessary forms, documents and other papers you will need.
On top of that, Ms Horstmann is responsible for surgery preparations as well as all hygienic matters of our surgery.





Karin Schüller


Karin SchuellerMrs. Schüller is a trained and specialized dental hygiene specialist.

With her, you are in excellent hands in all areas of prophylaxis.






Semiha Karaman

Semiha Karaman

Ms. Karaman is trained and specialized dental hygiene Professional.
With it you are in all areas of the professional Tooth cleansing and prophylaxis is best hands.





Lea Lazarevic

Ms. Lazarevic completed her dental training
Specialist in our practice.